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  • Film Clubs

    Film Clubs are extra-curricular activities organized by students for their peers.
  • Workshops for Teachers

    Starting from documentary films on recent history, social and cultural issues related to human rights, the teacher workshops present various ways of integrating films in class, according to the school curriculum.
  • luna.doc

    A month of documentary films travelling around high schools across Romania, luna.doc brings together documentaries centered around a topic related to society and to human rights.
  • AdDOC

    AdDOC is the only documentary film festival that is hosted in high schools, where every year teenagers choose the curatorial concept and documentaries that build up the selection, developing together an event that takes place simultaneously in over 15 cities and towns across the country.
  • Creative Documentary Workshops

    Initiated at the end of August 2018, the project is dedicated to high school students who are passionate about exploring contemporary social issues using visual, anthropological and cultural research methods.
  • The High School Students' Jury

    The High School Students' Jury at the One World Romania film festival is the only jury of the festival. The jury’s function is to serve as an educational experience for the participants and as a mirror of the youth’s interests and beliefs for both the public and the organizers.
  • Matinées

    We organize matinée screenings for teenagers as a part of the One World Romania Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.
  • Documentaries in the Backyard

    Born in the summer of 2016, the project stems from our desire to bring together people passionate about human rights during the holidays, by organizing cultural events in alternative venues. encouraging people to organize grassroots cultural events.
  • Special Screenings

    One World Romania at School collaborates with high-schools, other non-governmental organizations who want to use documentary film to discuss specific human rights issues. We also have monthly special events that bring together the different people in our shared workspace.

A diary from Anina

An article by Octavia Bortișcă about the Crative Documentary Workshop, august 2018.

It's not easy to get to Anina! That's what I found out after I (being quite unsure of myself at the moment) applied to be one of the participants of the Creative Documentary Workshop organized by One World Romania at School. But, going to Anina was well worth the effort, because the week that I spent there it was one of the most productive, exciting and interesting ones I've ever lived during the summer vacation.

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From Anina, with a view

An article by Dalesia Cozorici about the Creative Documentary Workshop in Anina, august 2018.

This summer, One World Romania at School took us away from staring at our Instagram and Facebook feeds, giving us rolls of film to play with instead.

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