Our Magazine is focused on publishing texts written by high school students themselves - articles, interviews and film reviews, which give us a valuable insight about how teenagers see their surroundings, their own creative experiences and, most importantly, documentary films!

A diary from Anina

An article by Octavia Bortișcă about the Crative Documentary Workshop, august 2018.

It's not easy to get to Anina! That's what I found out after I (being quite unsure of myself at the moment) applied to be one of the participants of the Creative Documentary Workshop organized by One World Romania at School. But, going to Anina was well worth the effort, because the week that I spent there it was one of the most productive, exciting and interesting ones I've ever lived during the summer vacation.

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From Anina, with a view

An article by Dalesia Cozorici about the Creative Documentary Workshop in Anina, august 2018.

This summer, One World Romania at School took us away from staring at our Instagram and Facebook feeds, giving us rolls of film to play with instead.

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Present and past: an interview with Mila Turajlic

An interview by Dalesia Cozorici.

Mila Turajlic (born in 1979) is a Serbian filmmaker, known for directing feature-length documentaries such as Cinema Kommunisto (2011) and The Other Side of Everything (2017), winner of IDFA’s grand award, and winner of the High School Jury at the One World Romania Festival 2018. Dalesia Cozorici, who was part of the jury, interviewed the filmmaker.

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