Why use Documentary Film in High Schools? 10 Reasons

10 reasons to introduce documentary films and discussions about human rights to Romanian high schools:

1. Just as history, documentaries help us discover the past, understand the present and anticipate the future.
2. Just as geography, documentaries take us across the world's map and provide us with a starting point and sometimes even an entire journey.
3. Just as chemistry, documentaries break down the world into molecules, demonstrating how they react in society and become catalysts for continual change.
4. Just as psychology, documentaries help us understand ourselves and the people around us.
5. Just as civic education, documentaries show us the workings of the world and prompt us to get involved in the life of our society.
6. Just as biology, documentaries cut into living flesh and carefully dissect the stories around us.
7. Just as physics, documentaries bring to the fore the forces and tensions that govern the world.
8. Just as art, documentaries help us experience reality in a unique and subjective manner.
9. Just as logic, documentaries and the discussions that accompany them contribute to the consolidation of critical thinking and the expression of one's own opinions.
10. Just as literature, documentaries contain a serious dose of poetry.