Documentaries in the Backyard #3

We had a summer filled with wonderful screenings in the backyard, and we would have gone on for much longer if the autumn hadn’t come, which is packed with events in high schools across the country.

2001 spectators joined us during the 40 projections that we organized throughout the summer, spread across 23 towns across the country: from Telciu to Turnu Magurele and from Anina to Mangalia, we passed through small, medium-sized and large cities, taking our films to football stadiums, castles, abandoned cinemas, and especially to the courtyards of ordinary people in communities.

52 local collaborators helped us set up all the details needed for the courtyard screenings - hosts, co-organizers, those that had links to stadiums, fortresses, people with large barns in their yard and, in general, people who open to experimentation, people with curious neighbors, people whose only neighbors are rivers and forests, people who have just moved to new homes, along with those that helped us reopen forgotten spaces, such as the Farul Mangalia open-air cinema.

A number of 12 films were been part of our selection this summer, including Faces, Places by Agnes Varda and JR, In Praise of Nothing by Boris Mitić and Planet Petrila by Andrei Dascalescu. The selection was a means to discuss the many changes faced by the world around us: changes in the structure of modern society and the ideas that have catalyzed these changes, along with options on how we can individually engage our communities to influence the course of things.

The Documentaries in the Backyard project was born in 2016, from our desire to continue the work of One World Romania at School during the summer vacation. At the same time, it is an initiative that is aimed at correcting the lack of cultural infrastructure and cultural events, especially in small and medium-sized Romanian cities.

Many heartfelt thanks to all those who chose to spend their summer nights with us, be they spectators which gathered in the yards, the collaborators that got involved in organizing the events, or those that were onscreen or behind the cameras.

See you next year!