One World Romania at School in 2018: a short retrospective

For the One World Romania at School team, 2018 was a year full of projects, some new, some continuing the work of flagship projects.

In this article, we’ll review some fragments of the most important ideas, events, projects, and figures that have defined the year that is now coming to an end, and beyond that, the people behind the numbers - dozens of teachers, thousands of pupils, One World Romania film club coordinators, school inspectors, our summertime hosts, and especially the audiences that joined us.

Workshops for teachers

Our mission is to turn documentary film into an educational tool spread across all schools. This year, more than 150 teachers have joined us throughout the year at training sessions for integrating documentary film into the curriculum. We have continued to create brochures about the films in our Videoteque, movies that lend themselves to a variety of school subjects such as history, sociology, literature, psychology, geography and language classes. At the beginning of this year, we also carried out the first intensive training for teachers: twenty teachers across the country became Ambassadors of One World Romania at School.

luna.doc#5 -  on women's rights

About 2000 teachers and high-school students from 21 schools participated in at least one of the 30 projections of luna.doc, organized between November 15 and December 20. The projections of the 5th edition of the luna.doc took place in 19 cities.


At the same time, we encouraged students to continue to build and manage their own cineclubs in schools, by providing them with films from our Videoteque and expert advice on how to manage the clubs. A total of 25 cinema clubs operated during the year, 8 of whichwere established this year.

High School Students’ Jury at One World Romania # 11 and OWR Matinees

Starting in 2013, the only jury of the One World Romania festival is made up of five high school students who watch 10 documentary films and hand out the only award tof the festival. Every year, members are selected on the basis of an essay that answers a specific question - and this year, the question was "Are you what you learn?". Based on this contest, five jurors were selected for the 11th edition of One World Romania, who chose Mila Turajilic's “The Other Side of Everything” as the festival’s grand award winner. Meanwhile, the festival hosted matinees for students and teachers at Cinematheque Eforie, with a selection of five documentaries, followed by debates in the presence of directors or of specialists in the subject fields of the films.

AdDOC # 2

The second edition of the AdDOC festival, the documentary film festival organized by high-school students throughout the country, focused on awareness of an issue that is treated as a taboo subject: violence, in its multiple forms. Under the slogan #amIwrong?, the edition focused on topics such as bullying, domestic violence, and violence in society, with a selection of six international films dealing with these themes.

Documentaries in the backyard #3

We had a summer filled with wonderful screenings in the backyard. 2001 spectators joined us during the 40 projections that we organized throughout the summer, spread across 23 towns across the country: from Telciu to Turnu Magurele and from Anina to Mangalia, we passed through small, medium-sized and large cities, taking our films to football stadiums, castles, abandoned cinemas, and especially to the courtyards of ordinary people in communities.

Closing words…

We promise that next year we will go on with all the projects we have carried out so far, along with new surprises and developments!

What we can reveal for the moment is that our projects dedicated to students and teachers will continue in 2019, and that the OWR at School Videotheque will be enriched with many new and interesting titles. Last but not least, at the end of winter, we will organize a vernissage of the works made by the participants of the Creative Documentary Workshop in Anina, which took place at the end of August, where students from the program researched the community of the former mining city by using creative means. We invite you to join us in viewing the short films, analog photos, Polaroids, paintings, drawings and comic books made by them!

We wish you happy holidays and a new year full of joy and success and, last but not least, of documentaries in schools!

The One World Romania at School Team

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