Join the Club or the Jury!

We have a big year ahead of us at One World Romania at School, so we're busy preparing for some of the biggest projects of our year: the High School Students Jury and the High School Film Clubs. And what better way to start the year than setting our eyes on some of those who matter the most in our activities: the teenagers themselves!

Join the Club! Open call for film club coordinators

We're looking to extend our family of film clubs - which currently numbers over twenty cine-clubs across Romania - by establishing new clubs in new cities, with the help of students.

Our open call is destined for teenagers who are passionate about human rights, documentary film, and building communities of engaged students that are open to debate. A film club is the perfect occasion to find out new things about the world, but also a good context to develop organisational skills.

Teenagers can apply to be a coordinator on their own, but also as a team - and, of course, the One World Romania at School team is always there to help them with every single one of their needs (including custom-tailored posters and graphics), especially the films themselves, which can be consulted in our Videotheque. Also, if we can pull the right strings, we may also be able to bring in special guests, such as filmmkaers or human rights experts, to attend the screenings! Last but not least, all film clubs gather around every spring to organize AdDOC - the only Romanian film festival that takes place in high schools, and that is entirely curated and planned by young students!

Open call for Jury Members @ One World Romania 12

Every year, we invite teenagers to become one of the five jurors of the High School Students Jury, by writing a short self-description and a 500-word essay on various topical issues - each year with its own unique theme.

This year, our topic sounds like this: Describe an idealistic, utopic society or community, based on your own experiences of being a part of various (smaller or larger) groups.

Being a member of the High School Students Jury puts teenagers into contact with the newest documentary films on human rights, broadens their knowledge of acute problems that contemporary communities face, both at a local and at and international level. Because human rights documentaries are not subject to hierarchy and competition, this is the only jury of the festival, which selects one single film as its grand prize winner. The jury’s function is to serve as an educational experience for the participants and as a mirror of the youth’s interests and beliefs for both the public and the organizers.