Creative Documentary Workshop in Anina

Between the 22nd of August 22 and the 1st of September, One World Romania at School will organize the first Creative Documentary Workshop dedicated to high school students that are passionate in exploring today's social realities through visual, anthropological and cultural means.

A town that mast predominantly reliant on its mining industry from the 18th century to 2006, Anina lies at the crossroads of history and industrial heritage with the visible signs of the post-communist transition, against the backdrop of the Banat mountains.

Twenty high school students from around the country will be guided in their research process, by specialists from the fields of film, anthropology and education. The workshop’s participants  will experience all the stages of making a short documentary on film reel, based on realities and stories they will discover in the city: starting from research, development and scriptwriting, to production, post-production and distribution. They will work in teams, each performing different roles as in the case of a real-life production time, and at the end of the workshop their raw footage will will be processed in a special film laboratory. The short films will be based on local history, personal stories of citizens and specific local elements that will certainly attract the attention of the participants.

The local context allows multidisciplinary approaches that combine an anthropological vision with history, geography, sociologie, and even natural sciences. The equipment and technical support will be provided by the Museum of the Amateur Filmmaker from Resita, giving the teenagers the opportunity to work with rare equipment, a way of better understanding the history of cinematography and so, by using a specific process of shooting, editing and post-production.

One World Romania at School is an educational program that aims to bring documentary films and discussions about human rights in high schools across the country, through events dedicated to students and teachers.