One World Romania at School is moving to the Backyard!

Our Documentaries in the Backyard project was born in the summer of 2016, from our desire to continue our project and to bring together young people who are passionate about human rights during the summer holidays, too.

This summer, we’ve preparing a series of screenings in alternative spaces, such courtyards of friends and collaborators, with a selection documentary films that speak about different topics regarding the changes that are going on in the world, and about the changes that we want to see in it.

The project also addresses the need of pursuing educational activities during summer holidays, as well as the need to as organize cultural events in alternative places, which attract a new audience for documentary film. At the same time, our project is also an alarmin signal, regarding the lack of cultural infrastructure and the spaces for organizing such events outside Romania’s major citites.

Starting in July and lasting until autumn, One World Romania at School will organize screenings and discussions in areas where access to cultural events and resources is limited, in order to mobilize civic spirit and solidarity in finding creative solutions to local issues.

The screenings will take place in the courtyards of friends, collaborators, and adolescents involved in the educational program, but we would love to come visit anyone who wants to host a movie screening in his or her courtyard. Those interested in hosting an open-air projection can write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone: 0746 672 385, with or without specifying which movie they would like to be screened.