luna.doc#4: a short retrospective

luna.doc#4 ended, a month of documentary films in high schools where we discussed the differences between generations and the perception of the elderly.

About 2500 teachers and high school students from 26 high schools participated in at least one of the 32 projections of the project, organized between the 15th of November and the 15th of December. The screenings took place in cities such as Bucharest, Alba Iulia, Iasi, Oltenita, Buzau, Calarasi, Tecuci, Feldioara, Pitesti, Târgu-Jiu, Târgu Neamţ, Bosia, Berbeşti and Slatina, in schools but also in various cultural venues, and one special screening took place at a home for the elderly. Four films were part of the selection.

The fourth edition of luna.doc encouraged intergenerational dialogues and presented the topic of old age in a different light. Although there is rarely talk of discrimination against older people, they are one of the most vulnerable social groups. The public discourse presents elders as not being able to adapt to the speed at which the world is changing, as having obsolete thoughts and habits, as useless to society, or a burden in for the budget and for their families. With out selection of documentaries, we want to raise the young generation's awareness of old age, a little discussed subject, and to open up a dialogue about, and with elderly people.

We thank all those who supported during the project, all the teachers who got involved and all the students who answered to our call for dialogue.