Open call for members of the High School Students Jury!

Become a member of the High School Students Jury at One World Romania 11! You will have the chance to see the some of the latest documentary films, to talk with the directors, to vote for the best film and to hand the winner's prize to the closing ceremony. For more details, read carefully, until the end.

ONE WORLD ROMANIA is the only documentary film festival in Romania dedicated to human rights. The festival began in 1999 in Prague, at the initiative of Vaclav Havel, and then expanded around the world. In Romania, the festival is organized yearly since 2008, and aims to raise the awareness of the Romanian public over a number of acute local and global problems, as well as to initiate necessary debates at a society level through documentary films. Starting in 2013, the only jury of the festival consists of 5 teenagers who decide the winning film.

To join the jury, all interested high school invited to send us a 500-word essay that answer the following question: “Are you what you learn?”, based on their own experiences and expectations about the educational system. Our e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and the deadline is the 18th of 2018,

The following questions can serve as a guide:

Did you do your homework for school? But did the school do its homework for you? Are today’s themes the same as tomorrow’s? At the end of the class, after the blackboard is erased, what's there still left? How much do you learn for your grades, for your teachers, for your parents? Are you what you learn, or just what you repeat? Are there any lessons that your school has given you, but which you'd rather not know? A student who is in the 9th grade has spent half of his life answering "Present!" when he hears his name. If physical absence is motivated by doctors, how can be the lack of motivation explained? How can you get out of your desk and into the world? Where does school end, and where does the individual start?

At the end of your essay, please attach a separate paragraph on your personal relationship to documentary films, in which you talk about your motivation to joining the jury.