AdDOC is a project that was started based on the initiative of the One World Romania at Schol Film Club Coordinators. AdDOC is the only documentary film festival that is hosted in high schools, where every year teenagers choose the curatorial concept and documentaries that build up the selection, developing together an event that takes place simultaneously in over 15 cities and towns across the country: from the manifesto of the edition to the program, from the promotion of the event to the discussions with the public. What drives them is the desire to spread what they believe is an antidote to indifference and prejudice: documentary films on human rights issues.

AdDOC emerged from the desire of film club coordinators to develop a joint project and to create a community of young people who are engaged in their communities and in different causes. The experience is one that teaches them how to do project management, how to get more involved in their local communities and to defend human rights.

Edition # 1: Truth or dare?, May 2 - May 31, 2017

"Truths are the object of investigation in documentary films. The challenge is what you can change after knowing them. The challenges of truth and the truths of the challenge converge at the festival. "

Divided into three sections named after childhood games, AdDOC's pilot edition took place in 25 high schools across the country, in cities such as Bucharest, Craiova, and Piatra-Neamt, but also in smaller communities such as Lupeni, Caracal or Piatra Olt, along with many others. The selection, based on Romanian documentaries, included the films of directors such as Alexandru Solomon, Şerban Georgescu, and Alexandru Belc.

Edition # 2: #amIwrong?, May 14 - May 30, 2018

"This year's festival tries to bring awareness about a topical issue, but which is treated as a taboo subject: namely, violence in its many forms."

The second edition of AdDOC focused on topics such as bullying, domestic violence, bullying, and societal violence, with a selection of six international films dealing with these topics. The three sections of the festival tried to discover the sources of these phenomena - Family (Home or House?), school (Educated or Judged?) and Society (Solitary or Solidary?). High schools from cities such as Bucharest, Craiova, Turnu Magurele, Constanta, Blaj, Piatra-Neamt, Targu Mures and Pitesti took part in the second edition.