Creative Documentary Workshops

"Creative Documentary Workshops" are the newest project of One World Romania at School. Initiated at the end of August 2018, the project is dedicated to high school students who are passionate about exploring contemporary social issues using visual, anthropological and cultural research methods. The workshops are a space in which teenagers can experience the history of a specific space using various artistic practices such as photography, painting, filmmaking, comic strips and other creative forms of documentation.

The pilot edition of the program took place in Anina, a town which was predominantly dependent on its mining industry from the 18th century until 2006. Anina's landscape combines history and industrial heritage with the visible signs of the post-Revolutionary transition, against the backdrop of the Banat mountains. Between the 22nd of August and the 1st f September, 20 students from all over the country attended workshops and researched local topics under the guidance of specialists working in fields such as filmmaking, anthropology, and education. The participants created analog photos, short films, drawings and comic books that were based on the realities and stories they discovered in the town, going through all the stages which take part in the process of researching, developing and launching a cultural product. In 2019, we will organize a public screening of the films that students have made in the program, along with an exhibition of their photographs and drawings.