Documentaries in the Backyard

Our "Documentaries in the Backyard" project was born in the summer of 2016, stemming from our desire to bring together young people who are passionate about human rights not just during school time, but also during the holidays. By organizing cultural events in alternative venues, which serve different purposes during the year to attract, we are attracting a new audience for documentary films and encouraging people who wish to organize grassroots cultural events in their communities across the country. At the same time, this project is also our way of sounding an alarm signal about the lacking cultural infrastructure in Romania. Each edition of "Documentaries in the Backyard" gathers films around the same curatorial concept, which are also fit for the open-air screening format.

The screenings take place in the courtyards of friends, collaborators, and adolescents involved in our educational program, but is open to anyone who wants to host a film screening in their own backyard, so those interested in becoming hosts hosting an open-air projection in an inviting yard can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us via Facebook. Available only across the territory of Romania.

Edition # 1 - 2016

The first edition of "Documentaries in the Backyard" appeared spontaneously, from the need to continue our meetings with young students passionate about documentary film and during the summer. While the schools are closed, we have come to the creative solution of taking the movie out of the room and bringing it out, organizing outdoor projections around Romania. A total of 15 films were included in the selection of our pilot edition, including titles from the selection of the One World Romania festival, such as Toto and his Sisters, Every Face has a name, The Golden Robot and Jenica and Perla.

Edition # 2 - 2017

For the second summer, One World Romania at School prepared a series of outdoor screenings with ten documentary films featuring stories of artists and cultural personalities who have used art as a weapon of resistance. The selection included titles such as Searching for Sugarman, The World Seen as by Ion B., Raving Iran, Cinema, Mon Amour, and Romania, 4 countries.

Edition # 3 - 2018
Our third summer of documentaries focused on changes - from global to local communities. The chosen films in the selection describe the many changes faced by the world around us, subjects that deserve to be discussed: from changes in the structure of society and the ideas that have catalysed these changes, the way in which our buildings and cities function, and how we can individually participate in our communities to influence things. A total of 12 films have been part of the program, including titles such as Faces, Places, In Praise of Nothing and Planet Petrila.

2001 spectators joined across the 40 projections that we organized throughout the summer, in 23 localities along the country, where 52 local collaborators helped us work out all details needed for the screenings.