Special Screenings

Whether you are interested in organizing a special screening in your high school, based on our Videotheque, or you are an organization that would like to integrate film screenings into their activities, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you are based in Romania.

One World Romania at School collaborates with other non-governmental organizations who want to use documentary film to discuss specific human rights issues. Among the initiatives we've collaborated with in the past are Mai Mult Verde, alongside which we organized the Anti-Waste Caravan, and the Cultural Diversity Forum, which hosted a special screening of A Goat for a Vote, and Jenica and Perla.

We also organize screenings for high school students during the International Documentary Film Festival dedicated to Human Rights, One World Romania, as well as special screenings outside our regular projects in high schools, followed by discussions in the presence of special guests.

Last but not least, we have monthly special events that bring together the different people in our shared workspace. Every second Thursday of each month, we organize screenings at our office, located within the Latitude53 by Manasc Isaac space. Being (mainly) an architecture office, the films we screen are centered around themes related to urbanism, architecture, cities, and housing.